Course description

The course suits the sort of person who loves learning more about computers and helping others with their computer problems.

After mastering the basics of installing and optimising software, creating user documentation and running standard diagnostic tests, you will learn to maintain computer hardware and software and provide basic systems administration. You will also tackle a range of basic computer problems, learning how to advise potential clients on these issues.

At the completion of your training you will have the skills to apply for jobs like help desk officer, help desk assistant, PC support and technical support.

Core Units

Six (6) units must be completed

Unit Code Unit Name
BSBSUS401 Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices
BSBWHS304 Participate effectively in WHS communication and consultative processes
ICTICT202 Work and communicate effectively in an IT environment
ICTICT301 Create user documentation
ICTICT302 Install and optimise operating system software
ICTSAS301 Run standard diagnostic tests

Specialist Units

Five (5) units must be completed

Unit Code Unit Name
ICTICT303 Connect internal hardware components
ICTSAS303 Care for computer hardware
ICTSAS304 Provide basic system administration
ICTSAS305 Provide IT advice to clients
ICTSAS306 Maintain equipment and software

Elective Units

Six (6) units must be completed

Unit Code Unit Name
ICTICT203 Operate application software packages
ICTICT304 Implement system software changes
ICTICT308 Use advanced features of computer applications
ICTWEB301 Create a simple markup language document
ICTNWK304 Administer network peripherals
ICTSAS307 Install and configure a small office home office network